Starting as a

Geomatics Engineer

At the outset of my journey in Geomatics, I wasn’t just absorbing the foundational knowledge of geospatial science, but also cultivating a passion for technical solutions. From this point, my journey as a software engineer commenced.

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From Data Visualization to

Frontend Engineering

Data visualization isn't confined to just maps. As I delved into Frontend Engineering, I realized that data could 'speak' in numerous forms – tables, charts, lists, cards, and more. I mastered the art of presenting data in the most effective and captivating ways.

From Data Engineer to

Backend Engineering

A stellar spatial solution requires a robust data foundation. From the backend, I built, optimized, and integrated systems to ensure data is delivered swiftly and accurately. From spatial operations to crafting responsive APIs, I'm the architect behind the visuals you witness.

Finally becoming a


Software Engineer

With the knowledge I garnered from Geomatics to Computer Science, I've bridged these two worlds. I’m not just any software engineer; I am a spatial software engineer. This unique expertise empowers me to offer integrated and holistic solutions for your geospatial needs.